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About Us

Dr. Murray is a graduate of University of Maryland.

FYI: There have been 8 other Dr. Yavners, who are dentists in the family.

Dr. Susan is a graduate of Harvard Dental School. She has been working alongside her father since she was eight years old. She is currently on the faculty of Harvard Dental School. She has also been recognized by Consumer's Research Council of America as one of America's Top Family Dentists for 2011.

Betty is a registered nurse with a Masters in Education. She has experience in both direct patient care and administration. She has worked in multiple Boston teaching hospitals and as she says, "closed a lot of them down." She goes on to say that "This is my retirement 'gig' so you know that I like it here because this is a time when one can enjoy working." When not hard at work behind the front desk at Yavner Dental, Betty can be found in her garden, which like the Red Sox, will be better next year

Tina is a certified dental assistant and xray technician. She is a graduate of the Bryman Institute. Tina loves to travel and experience different cultures and peoples. She is an expert at making people smile.

Debbie is a licensed dental assistant with additional certification in radiology. Debbie loves to work with all patients, especially children. Debbie also helps out in the front office and with billing. In her spare time, Debbie loves to cook and specializes in baking up mouth watering chocolate desserts. Her other passion is quilting and some of her contemporary quilts are on display in our office.

Marcella is a licensed dental assistant with additional certification in radiology. She loves meeting new people and especially helping those people who might be nervous about going to the dentist. She is a champion body builder and handball player. Marcella is fluent in Spanish. Marcella just loves teeth and the color purple. She even has a tooth charm on her bracelet. ( And that's the tooth! )

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